Carlos Vejar

Carlos Vejar

I like observing the subtleties that make up the grander picture. I was born this way and always work to cultivate the capacity that makes me… me.

I started off with simple anatomy sketches when I was a child. I drew anything Disney, Warner, Marvel and the occasional erotic nudie which mom usually gave me shit for, but I was a rebel, a free thinker and kept at it.

I eventually started using charcoals. This was an interesting medium for me. It felt like a pencil drawing but spread and smudged so easily. I couldn’t keep my drawing area clean but I couldn’t put the charcoals down. What I liked most about charcoals is that there is no drying, like wet paints. Four weeks later you could go back and smudge it some more.

I later moved on to try wet mediums. Oil paints was the thing for me. I found them to be so mysterious, so malleable. Oils are so patient and wise. I didn’t realize I too would become patient and perhaps even a bit wiser with my strokes.

Bronze-Falcon-AwardIn the Fall of 2005 I was awarded the Bronze Falcon award for service to the community as President of the Art Society in Cerritos Community College. I had the honor of leading a brilliant group of about 26 talented artists through a semester that would result in awards and achievements for all members of the Art Society.

Digital Photography is a hobby I picked up when I was 25. I enjoy capturing others. There is a hidden part of the soul I like to hunt for when snapping photos of someone, and somehow, I always find it and capture it.

So that’s a little about me. Hope you like my artwork. If you like my photos, and you’d like some shots done, feel free to contact me.

Carlos Vejar

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